EnvelopeSealant TM should cover the entire nailing flange
directly onto sub straight bridging damaged flanges and cracks
80 cm width and 4-6 mm thickness (complete flange coverage is necessary). (Click here to see video).

  • 5 gallon pails – 45lbs – 36 per pallet – 850 lineal feet of coverage – one year storage life
    One quart tubes – 1 lb each – 12 per case – 28 feet coverage – one year storage life
  • Sausage tube – 2 lbs - one year storage life.

Curing times may vary depending on ambient conditions. Warm dry conditions contribute to fast cure rates. Cooler conditions extend cure times. Full cure times can be 12-24 hours. Building products may be applied.
Clean up is easy with solvents such as MEK (lacquer thinner), Xylol, Toluol or chlorinated solvents.  Cured materials may be removed by cutting with sharp tools or sandpapering.  Observe manufacturer's precautions when using toxic flammable solvents.